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Women do recover

Women do recover

I am an addict named Melissa M.

This is my story. I always felt different from everyone else because my behavior when I was younger was not normal. I tried alcohol when I was a kid. Started smoking weed when i was in junior high and used speed at 15. I used heavily after highschool and into my college years. I dropped college, lost jobs and my life was spiraling downwards. I got arrested at age 29 for fraud because of my addiction which was 10-27-07. I ended up in Choices Group,Inc. They helped opened my eyes to the gift of recovery.

Recovery has been quite a journey for me because I got to go back to school and will be receiving my Bachelors from Kaplan University in Psychology with an Emphasis in Substance Abuse.

I attend NA meetings, talk to my sponsor, sponsees and support group, work steps, have a higher power and live the NA program.

I learned that the message is hope and the promise is freedom from active addiction.

I hope my story inspires anyone who has suffered as I have in the past and that there is a way out.

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