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whats best for you?

I was addicted to meth at age 12. I guess you could say I inherited my addiction, as both of my parents are addicts. Im 32 now, I've been clean this time for about 3 years. My father is in prison for the second time after 13 years of sobriety. He fell on hard times and just gave up I guess. My mother the same. Although never being in prison, she still battles her addiction today, as do I. I get weak at times but my occupation keeps me at bay. I've never been to rehab or jail. I learn from others mistakes and my own. Pretty much everyone I know in my personal life is an addict of some sort, including my wife. You can't control it forever, if at all. I stay away from those that I was closest to if they are actively using, because I know eventually I will break myself. It is a hard thing to do when you can't be around the ones you love because of addiction. I don't see myself better than them. You gotta do whats best for you.

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