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way out

I was born in a small town in Georgia. I am the second oldest of five children by my mom. My dad has 18 children. I was raised by my step dad. The house i grew up in was lively with girls having dreams and possibilities. There was another side to the unity of this so called family. I had an addict for a step father that is where the prpblem starts. My mother very proud to be married after having my sister and i out of wedlock was suffering through an abusive husband's attacks. She was trying to give us a loving house-hold but it was impossible living in turmoil. I tried to understand why she stayed with my step father.  I prayed for my mother to get whatever she needed to help her fight this demon that attacked her and her family. My grandmother is the strongest woman i know and i loved the love and attention she gave to us as children. The laughter comes and goes in this house but love is always there.

I struggled with emotional problems no one was aware of but I was trying to be strong for everyones sake.  We would go on family outing only to return with a fight for  our lives. I did not know how this would  impact my life until i was doing the very same things with drugs an alcohol.  Through extensive treatment and theraphy and self motivation I have been clean a year. I have a 10 year old daughter who i love dearly and who has gotten a certificate for being drugfree at her school. She is my greatest support system I love my daughter and will do anything for her. Although her father an i never married we have vowed to make every effort to support her so that this does not happen to her. See, you have to break the generation curse.

So to every suffering addict: I love you and God knows your heart. Live long life prosper an love one another.

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