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wasted time

I was 17 when I first started smoking weed. For me it was a gateway drug. I started wanting to try other things. After smoking weed for a few years I started trying pills it started with downers then I found the great feeling of painkillers. So then I was smoking weed taking all kinds of pills and sometimes drinking and when I did not have the money for it - I felt horrible.SO I started stealing to support my habit . After a few more years my pill dealer was out but said try this I said what is it he said heroin it was the best feeling I had ever  experienced. So then I started stealing more and more.Then I decided to get with a preacher and pray really hard. And GOD took my addiction away. I was doing good for about 2 months then as I was riding my bike across the street and got hit by a car running 40 miles an hour. I got lucky and God let me survive. Of course I was in a lot of pain so I started taking pain killers again and I got hooked on them again. Until one day I cried out for help and got it. I have been going to a suboxone clinic for about a year now and its working. But I am to the point now where Its time to get off those too. And with the blessing from God I can do it. We all can do all things through God who gives us strength.

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