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vicodin and norco

My names candy, I been married 35 years, I first started with a dentist 20 years ago. from there had ruff periods. told my dr i needed pain pills i started with 30 some how i talked my dr into a 120. lets go back just 2 years ago .120 was not enough i start use bill money making friends with only people that would sell me vicodin, o i forgot i acted normal no one had any idea! Buy the way i have 4 kids they had no idea.14 month ago my husband went to bank account, we were in the hole. my husband makes a lot of money there was none, bills behind 3 month owed 2 month house payment, I CRIED DID NOT WANT TO DO VICODIN NO MORE! Got the guts told my husband,o ya, by now i taken between 30 and 50 a day i so scared! thank god my husband 3 days later put me in detox! its 14 month i clean and happy i did it ! i know you can do it too. trust me i did it 20 years of vicodin. i feel so happy and free.

your friend  candy.

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May 21, 2013 | Candace

Do u have the option of disability at all? If u tell ur doctor about ur problem…which i know is hard…n uve been working for at least 6 months… U can probably get 60% of ur income while out thru the state or ur job.. My mom never reached out to these resources.. i lost her at 51.. this past october… Not trying to scare u, just being honest best wishes smile

May 19, 2013 | Lynn

Wow this is my EXACT story…..the drug use & money….bills behind & husband finding out.  Trying to be clean but don’t have the luxury of going into detox bc I have to work….especially with the debt I created

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