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There Is Light At The End Of The Dark Tunnel

My story of addiction began when I was 12. I had just entered Middle School and became friends with the wrong crowd. I came from a single parent home and my mom didn't always make the best choices for my sister and I. With no one watching over me I started trying different types of drugs from weed to acid. Every once in a while I would take pills like T3's but nothing major. By 16 I was taking X and by 19 I was sniffing Heroin. I stopped the heroin cold turkey and went thru what I thought at the time, the worst time in my life. When I came off heroin I started using vicodin more and more. By 20 I had started dating a man who was taking Oxys for back pain. When his dr's was closed down he started buying the pills off the street. We were buying 300 vicoden every 2-3 days between the 2 of us.

I eventually talked him into rapid detox due to the type of meds he was taking and I checked myself into a rehab. I spent my Easter that year in the rehab. Although I didnt stay the whole time because I felt I had gained everything I needed and made it past the awful withdrawal, I was able to move past the addiction. It was a long road and very hard at times but there is an end. Take it one day at a time and know someone out there is feeling or has felt your pain.

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