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The wrong road

I had a great life ahead of me and was on the right path as a teenager. I was popular in school and was a cheerleader and gymnast with a great love for life. When I found out I was pregnant I still made the best of things, stayed in school, and made a life. There was always the pain there underlying but I could handle it until the father of my child died and then it hit me. I felt I had lost twice in life and it was overwhelming. Rather than get help I chose to drown myself in drugs. I had experience with drugs since I was 16 yrs old but now I found myself in an unending party. I woke up and found myself getting older with no life at all. Even with the obstacles I faced in life I always had a choice and could always make it better and that's just what i intended to do! After using many different kinds of drugs and becoming addicted to pain pills I finally decided I was not going to waste another day! I reached out for help and have now been clean for many years. It can be done and all hope is not lost! I am currently enrolled in school in hopes to become a nurse practitioner specializing in the addiction field to help others who struggle just as I did. 

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January 28, 2013 | nancy

I have no doubt you will succeed!

January 24, 2013 | castanita

one thing children are blessings.Now you are also a blessing for some one who is walking a mile in your shoes but don’t have your feet. Keep God first recovery second and there’s no telling what is ahead. keep it one day at a time Do you what to see a mircle just look in the mirror.

January 23, 2013 | Paul

Keep doing good work and stay in school.  I hope you graduate with honors and make a great life for yourself and those who share it with you.  Don’t quit before the miracle happens.  Best to you and yours.

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