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The Long Road Home—continued….

Hi, it's Nancy and I am back to continue my story. Today I want to write to you about career choices and drugs and the devastating  relationship that cocktail has to offer you. Unless your a millionaire many times over, because a chronic drug habit costs a furtune, you are limited on how to attain resources to cover the expenses. Keep in mind that if you are romanticizing that a drug cultured lifestyle is for you I am here to say the bottom line is money. In order to acquire the resources needed you can either become a thief, robber, burglar, forger, prostitute or all the above. Along with that you become a liar, cheat, con and master munipulator. You also have now given up your inner identity and have to cope with these new behaviors and when your mastering your new trade comes failure and heartache It is not natural human behavior to steal, ect. No matter how abused we were as children our 3rd grade teacher did not teach us how to steal a car so failure comes with these newly self taught trades until we "master" them but there is always the police shadowing you so you had better be damn slick all day and night, every day and night  24/7, while on drugs. Good luck with that game!!  So  these are the new "career" choices you will be faced with as the family money supply ceases or as your own bank account is depleted. Along with the cost of the drugs you still have to have funds in reserve for any court costs and motels that you'll now be living in because you certainly won't be able to save rent money for a whole month! And please keep in mind that with this culture you may have chosen comes a beavy of criminal charges that will stay on your PERMANENT criminal history for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE unless of course, as I mentioned earlier, you are a millionaire, then you may be able to get SOME of the charges expounged from your record.

I'm here to focus on prostitution as a chosen career path to finance your drug habit. Sex with multiple partners that you know is a dirty enough business but sex with multiple partners that you don't know is a deadly business. Prostitution is a numbers game. You heighten the odds of getting murdered 100 fold by placing yourself in harm's way daily and bang bang, your number is up. You are at the mercy of all that can injure or kill you MULTIPLE times a day. Not only being on the receiving end of the sex industry but the drug culture as well. There are men out there who know who the prostitutes are and will kill you just for the money they think you may have on you to feed their habit. Then there are the drug dealers who will shoot you if you are in an area that drugs are being sold by another drug dealer encroaching on their turf. Then there are people who just want you dead period. Every time you accept a date you are now their property. Also, please keep in mind that your drug habit doesn't call it a day at 5P. This need goes on all day long, all night long. 3A there you are, on the streets, looking for that next high. How long do you think you have before someone tries to murder you or actually succeeds? Someone attempting to murder you is as harrowing as the actual act of murder. Those thoughts and memories stay with you for life and can be very haunting on the psyche should you come out of this addiction alive. The sooner you can get help the better. I'll say it again. THE SOONER YOU CAN GET HELP THE BETTER!!!! To be continued....

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