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Staying strong

My name is jazz I live in Bergen county NJ and I recently got out of a 6 to 8 month program. But before I got there I was just a normal 13 year old kid. Playing basketball, hanging out with my friends, and hanging out with my mom. In this case I was in 7th grade and all my friends were starting to grow up and take part in things that we had no business doing. Thy same year I found my first love. She was a year older than me and already had experience in this older life. I was amazed at how you can argue with your mom to get away with things. I started coming home late from hanging out with the girl and started  getting in more trouble than I ever have been. I was a good kid my mom never had a problem with me but she saw the devil in this girl. After we started to go out for a year I noticed all her friends smoked weed and got in trouble with the law. I made myself change into that person to make her like me- something I wish I never did. I started to get charges for dumb things and I got myself on probation. While I was on probation I still was getting high. I came up positive on all my tests. After being in court for the hundredth time they had enough of me. They said I had to go to a program. I kept thinking: how am I going to do this? I felt that weed solved my problems, why is it causing one? My mom was devasted. So I went to the program and I thought I was never going to leave. I felt like I didn't have a problem. Everybody I knew smoked, its just so common, and I'm the only one who got in trouble for it in my town. After getting over the fact that I needed help because I was addicted and  this ruined my life, I graduated the program last month and I am now 7 months clean and still going! I feel like I accomplished something's others can't! I want every addict to feel the same way because we need to help each other because we all have the same last name. Addict.

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March 05, 2013 | Brian

Life is worth fighting for. Its never too late. There is always someone who cares. Just ask

March 04, 2013 | Jane

keep up the great work on your recovery!

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