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Sober days sober nights

My name is Debra i am 48. Since i was a child i was looking for love in all the wrong places , even the bottom of a bottle, pills or booze i didnt care i just wanted to feel important. Waking up many times with alchohol poisoning or almost od on drugs i promised myself i would never do that again , but always went back, no matter what stupid thing i did. Today i am proud and astounded to say i have been sober 10 years. Find support with AA or friends who don't party. My low point was taking an ativan then drinking one martini; blacked out i hit many cars with my car. Of course I hired a great attorney and thought for sure i would get out of it , it was only one drink. The DUI charge couldn't stick. It only took a few words from my great lawyer- he asked if i remembered anything, i did not. So he said basically a school bus could have been letting kids off and i could have killed one or many, at that point I fired my lawyer and knew I was so guilty. Everytime I want to drink I think about what could have happened. Save yourself, maybe others- dont waste anymore of your life as I wasted too many years. You can do this !!!!!!!!!!!!

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December 09, 2012 | Beth

Debra, oh how your words sound so familiar to me.  An old sponsor once told me I couldn’t be proud of my own accomplishments but could be proud for others’.  And even though I don’t know you, I’m very proud of your 10 years!  Of course, I do know you . . . we’re sober sisters.  All the best to you!


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