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My name is Shelley and I am 52 years old...married for 33 years with 3 children (ages: 31, 29 and 24) I turned to cocaine at the age of 43..I was a long time sufferer of migraines from age 12 which led to use of opiates every pill u can think of then injections of Demerol 100m every hr on the hr for 4 months staright (and I only weighed 98lbs). We had financial problems, which we lost our home, then my son Anthony passed away, then my father, then i bottled everything up inside and went into a deep depression until a  friend introduced me her friend "Cocaine/crack"...and from there i went downhill...I "ran away" from home... used...robbed 2 banks for $$ for drugs (which i pleaded guilty and served time) I ODd 3 times- the last one was a grandMal seizure and i broke  my jaw as i had the seizure......this went on for 2 years..i just didnt care about anything anymore.

BUT my family fought so hard for me to return to them that one day i looked at them when we were out for dinner and just thought- IM done No more look at what i have and what i am gonna lose- and that was May 9/2008 my 26 wedding anniversary and from that day on i have been clean .....i now live my life one day at a time. I say what i mean and mean what i say and i ask for help when i become overwhelmed with things....I think that addiction  has NO boundaries, it does not care who u are or how old you are what race or stature in life you are. IT does NOT discriminate against anyone...addiction becomes your best friend and confidant and NEVER lets u down......a friend right till the end and in most cases the end is death...

i hope someone reads this and it helps you cause it is NEVER too late to stop and we learn from our mistakes. Dont be afraid to fail cause with recovery some do slip or relapse (i did many times) but its what we do afterwards that matters and life can be so beautiful if u just take that first step...good luck everyone i am pulling for all of you...xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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