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Recovery Rocks!

My name is Andy and I'm an addict  in long term recovery. Over 2 years ago when my children were taken by the CPS from me and my girlfriend at the time (and their mother), I got all strung out on meth along with their mother. Now I'm on 9 months clean, I'm president of my Oxford and I'm looking at getting my children back in 2 months. Recovery Rocks!!

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January 27, 2013 | AL

Acs took my son from me back in my bottom in Octobe of 2011, and he is back with me now after 15 months back, and supervised

January 25, 2013 | Anna

Recovery is the best! Congrats to you and im excited for you to get your children home. Im also in long term recovery however I never lost my children, i couldnt imagine.. but well done!!!! keep up the great work!!

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