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Recovery, priceless gift

Due to a lot of orthopedic injuries sustained in a fall from a 60 foot cliff, I developed an addiction to legally prescribed narcotic pain medication.  I did end up being arrested for 2 DWIs 3 years apart and as a result I got clean and found my way into Recovery through Narcotics Anonymous.  I have been clean since January 28, 1990.  

Life is good today, Nacotics Anonymous has taught me how to live and deal with the things life throws as you without having to use any mind or mood altering subtances to cope.  I have dealt with the death of both my parents, graduated from college twice, and many other major life events, all clean.  Life is good.  Join me.

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August 09, 2013 | Olaoti

It is unfortunate that out children in high school are getting a hold of such dangerous substances as bath salts.  They are always looking for the next big thing and it is important that we let them know of the dangers.  It is also important that we regulate marijuana since it is the most used substance.  Having it regulated rather than illegal would aid in preventing minors from obtaining it so easily in the underground market.

July 10, 2013 | Susan Palmer

I have a very similar story except I was in recovery for alcohol when I relapsed on pain medicine due to a very serous bone disorder that I was diagnosed with 12 years ago. It is a vicious cycle and I’m glad you found your way out because so many don’t.  Thanks for sharing.  Susan

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