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Recovery is Possible

I was introduced to addiction at the age of 11. I started with smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. My addictions very quickly progressed into cocaine and LSD by the age of 14. Over the years of relapse and recovery, i had always maintained reservations that i could one day continue controlled using. Although i had had brief periods of abstenance from hard drugs, i continued to use weed and booze on a daily basis. Substituting one substance for another, never completly recovering. Attempting to recover through many different types of treatment centers, recovery houses and recovery programs over the course of approximatly 16 years, i was never sucessfull until now. Belief in a higher power was the key ingredient to my Recovery.

Changing my self completely was the requirement in order to succeed. My belief systems needed to be overhauled. I had to change the people that i hung out with, i had to change my attitude toward other people and i had to open my mind up to the possibility that there is a power greater than myself. That power (God) loves and supports me , as well as guides me each and every moment of every day. I could never had gotten away from crack, herion, meth, alcohol, weed and crime, by myself. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE. if you really want it

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