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Recovery is possible

i just want to say recovery is possible. Addicts are not bad people. They are good people who made bad choices.

I started smoking pot at the age of 14. I started smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol shortly after. I tried sniffing cocaine at the age of 20. I learned how to cook cocaine by 22. Before my 23rd birthday I was smoking it. I quickly became an addict. I did unthinkable things to support my habit. My life became a living hell! In 1991 I was court ordered to rehab. I learned then that recovery can not be forced on a person, they must want it. In February of 1993 I found out I was expecting. I relapsed when I was 6 months pregnant. On Dec 23, 1993 I was arrested. Being in jail gives you time to think. After serving 5 months I asked the judge to place me in a rehab. I had a baby at home, and the quickest way to her was to go into a program. I had 5 months clean and I felt great! All I needed was a second chance. I completed the program and returned home. I wanted to be clean, you have to want it. You have to be willing to go through the heart aches and pain that come with getting better. Dec 23, 2012 I celebrated my 50th birthday, and 19 years clean! It can be done. 

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February 08, 2013 | Becky

Congratulations on your recovery!  Thanks for sharing your hope.  Some people need to be reminded that if they don’t want to get clean, they can pray for the WILLINGNESS to want to get clean. It will come.

February 03, 2013 | bobbie

So very proud of you! You are right a person has 2 want recovery or no rehab will ever work. Congrats on all your triumphs may u have many more yrs of freedom from the burdens of addiction. God bless

February 02, 2013 | michele


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