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Real Life

Every addict has a story to share. Addiction is more than bad choices, it is a disease. You would think that after watching friends and family die a horrible slow death from drugs and alchohol, I would make the choice not to partake....WRONG! I started smoking weed when I was 11 and didn't really think anything of it. It was fun and it allowed me to express myself in a way that i thought was not possible sober. Slowly but surely, i moved into cocaine, pain pills, xanax, actually pretty much anything except putting a needle in my arm (cause im scared of needles haha). I lived that way until I was 21 without any real problems. I was on the honor society in high school and had tons of friends, nobody suspected my issues. It got to the point where i was smoking about an 8th per day and taking about 15 xanax per day just to feel normal. I would stop breathing in my sleep for so long that i would wake up gasping for air in a cold sweat. Getting clean was not easy but it was in my mind totally needed. I went to a rehab facility and got clean on everything. It was the hardest thing that i ever did but i realized that i hadn't actually lived until i got clean. have you ever heard the term YOLO? Its true. you only live once, so why waste it blasted out of your mind? there are so many things in this world just as fulfilling and more than getting high. such as finding the love of your life, or being able to remember what you had for breakfast lol. you might think that you have it under control but by the time it gets out of control, so much time and money and people have been wasted. My mom told me she didn't know me until a year ago, it broke my heart. I beg you just try clean living for a month....if it's not better than living high or drunk then you can call me a liar, but i was the worst addict in history but i beat it and i actually live life now. Spend time with your family and friends not with your drugs and booze cause you can always go buy an 8ball but you cant buy your friends and family back from the grave. i am now going to college to be a substance abuse counselor/ school psychologist because i quit escaping reality and started embracing it.  

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