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Hello my name is Mike and for years I struggled with drugs and alcohol. It got so bad for me and I didn't realize how much I was destroying my life and my family. I was on the brink of destruction. I lost everything and had no place to turn. I tried many treatment facilities and for me it took a while. I remember having thoughts of suicide, because the addiction was to much for me to bare. It took the will power of something greater than myself which was already in me, but i did not know how to activate it. I started reading and praying and as much time I would spend getting high I would spend the same time or double into trusting God for deliverence. I started acknowledging those things that would trigger me and through prayer and surrounding myself around others who had overcome, help turn my life around. We must think of not only ourselves, but those of our love ones. Here is a book I ordered and has help me tremendously, I dont know if it's for you, but it help me in ways that inspired me to change my life. The. Book is Not So Simple/ Just That Easy I believe the folks at are compasionate in helping those of us who struggle with addiction..... God Bless....

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