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hi,my name is lynda and i am 41 years old and a meth addict.just 3 days ago my whole world was taken from me .they came in with guns drawn ,knocked me down on the ground,with the end of the gun grinding into the back of my skull threatning to shoot me because i wouldn't stop screaming for my 7 year old daughter that was naked in the bathtub.i was scared....and i still am.i have to get clean if i want my 2 little girls back.i have court tuesday and i am not allowed to see them untill then.cps has placed them with my 70 year old mother and if i didn't have her they would be with a foster family .i have started to go to na meetings at least twice a day now and i don't even have the desire to do meth now,and all i can say is that im scared,scared of not being able to be strong,scared of this feeling i have that i can't explain,scared of doing this alone,i can't sleep,and when i do i have constant nightmares.i know i was not right,i was on a downward spiral.ismoking it was not cutting it so i started to slam it.well,at least i thought i knew what i was bruises are fading but the lumps under my skin are shrinking but still there as a reminder of how dumb i had become.i am going to do whatever tit takes to get my little girls back,i will win my own battle that i have caused......but im still scared

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May 07, 2013 | Debbie Bockstahler

Dear Only3days clean- I am really glad you got scared because maybe it was the only way for you to see how dangerous this is for not just you but your daughter.  I prayed over your letter in hopes that you would know that you are not alone.  I have a page of awareness and I put it on there so you can see how people will help you if you let them.Please continue to make meetings, call some one, reach out to someone-my page is Drug Awareness A MOthers Cry- wait til you see the love there for you!!!

April 23, 2013 | fredia

Take one day at a time cause thats my struggle also. Tell yourself how important things are for you now and don’t give up. Please read my story way out. I am a year clean now and i do it one day at a time.

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