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One chapter in my life

My names kimmie and my story starts back when I was 15. I am now 19. I've been sober for 1 whole year. To you that may not seem long but to me it feels like a lifetime. When I was 15 I started hanging out with the rebels the kids who's parents didn't care or didn't notice that they did the things they did. It started with weed and running away. After awhile someone very close to me told me she was using meth. I looked up to her like a sister so I trusted her judgement and she said it wasn't that bad. Knowing that every hit could kill me didn't stop me. I guess I didn't really care. I used meth for 2 years. I found out I was 4 months pregnant but by then I couldn't stop using. I was on probation so running away was a big no no. I transferred from cowlitz to clark so I got a new probation officer. She was super strict and she forced me to go to treatment. I can honestly say that was the best thing that could have happened to me. I got out of treatment a little while after my 18th birthday in November and then in January I had my son Jordan. Getting sober was the best thing for me and my son. If I didn't choose a better life I could have had a miscarriage, my son could have came out unhealthy or cps could have taken him from me. My life is so much better now, and my son is one happy, healthy, handsome little guy.

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December 04, 2012 | Jane

Stay strong for yourself and your son!

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