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NA Saved My Life

My names Sarina and I'm a recovering addict. I'm a little over 6 months clean and no one ever thougt that I would be alive today. My clean date is JULY 4 2012 the day that I AWOled from rehab and finally gave up and surrendered to my higher power. I'm a seventeen year old teenager that got messed up with the wrong people in highschool and started clubbing and doing ecstacy. The first pill I took I was addicted and from then on did it almost everyday. A year later I started smoking crystal meth and heroin. 6 months later I started hard balling and free basing cocaine. I stopped going to school and talking to my friends that were clean. I started fighting with my family and most importantly I ALWAYS had to be high.

One day I couldn't take it anymore I wasn't getting high anymore and the drugs weren't making me happy. I was sick and tired or being SICK and TIRED. I told my school counselor that I was addicted to crystal and that I need help. A few days later I was put into a rehab center in LA. Because of the wirhdrawls and the amount of drugs that was underestamated to the Dr. It wasn't really the right place for me. 15 days later I AWOled and relapsed- I was sent to another rehab center and finished 48 days and finished at the highest level- best in class. Sometimes you have to learn from your mistakes. I know I do... Today I'm a different person than I was from last year. I go to my NA meetings every day and have my fellowship. Most of all I have my family back and I have myself. <3 I hope my story can help somone that has a similar one and that if you mess up, tomorrow is a different day and you can be a different person smile

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January 19, 2013 | Mary

That is so Awesome! keep sharing your story of Hope! Be strong the battle in your mind will be intense but you can over come the thoughts! You have already overcome the biggest obstacle of quitting the drugs. Stay close with your family they love you and will be your biggest support! Remember all you learned in rehab when the battle gets hard and most important forgive yourself! Your not who you use to be but are now a new person! Your future is bright and up to you to be what all you can be! You’re destined for Greatness and you will succeed!

January 17, 2013 | Jane

keep it up!!

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