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My Son’s Addiction

It's been about 4-5 yrs. My son has been battling his drug addiction..Everyday , fear for his life.  It's such a horrible disease.. 

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April 25, 2013 | kanoe

I feel your pain and frustration.  My husband has been an addict since he was a teen.  He’s now 45. He’s had repeated relapses. At one point, he was doing really good. He’s now incarcerated again, after 2 years.  I’ve been put through emotional hell with him.  His mom and brother don’t offer much support as for recovery.  They are physically there but not for the emotional aspect of his disease.  I know it is heart wrenching for you. I pray for you and your family for peace and comfort.  God Bless You!!

April 24, 2013 | serkalem eniyew

i really understand u. i have been in such miserable life once in my life time. try 2 b strong God will help u.have faith.

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