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My Life

My Life

My story is no different than anyone else's. I started out using at a early age. At first I thought it was fun until my life became unmanageable. My whole attitude and demener had changed. I stopped caring about the things and people that I loved. I became a garbage head. I took everything and anything to make me feel different. I chose to take a drug that changed my world and brought me to my knees. I started getting arrested. On Jan 5th of 1999 my whole world changed. I truly believe God had a different plan. I turned over custody of my sons to my family so that I could get help to become a better mother and daughter and friend. That was 14 yrs ago. They told me when I came into recovery Just Keep Coming. I will always be grateful for the path I had to walk through to get where I am today. My sons are back in my life and I thank God everyday for waking me up and giving me a choice each day. If you are reading this, Please Give yourself a break and don't give up Hope. Its a One Day at a Time process..I will close with this, If this junkie-ex con can get clean and stay clean so can you! NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!!!!!!

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June 18, 2013 | Texan

You Go! Keep it Up, You mean bunches to your Sons.

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