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My life..

I'm a recovering addict of 3 years, growing up I was apart of a middle class happy family. We had what we needed plus more. Daddy's little girl I was, and Mommys little helper. Having a older brother and sister I got away with a lot more then I should have. When I was about 9 my world seemed to come to an end. My dad then blamed me, and disowned me, but showed his concerns for my sister and brother. Fifth grade I tried my first drug, and simple little sip, and pop of a pill and I thought I was dying. Being home alone with just a good friend we laid there until we past out. Waking up, and wondering what just one would do to us, planning another day. Soon after I moved, that summer I'd spend weeks with her, experimenting random things we found in the medicine cabinet or taking all the drinks after the parents passed out. Sixth grade came around and things became easier to get. I'd drink weekends, and take pills during the week. My seventh grade year, I tried to straighten up as I met someone who showed how much they cared, and they worked with me. That summer of 7th grade on to 8th grade, I became best friends with my aunt, who was 22, easy for me to get alcohol, as she told me one drink wouldn't hurt. Leading to many more, drinking every break, weekend, and some week nights, mixing drinks with pills, and smoking. I came home drunk, and my mom the next day singed me up for councling, I refused to go, promising I wouldn't do it again. And found better ways to hide it.  I later lost my grandpa, the one who was there when my dad turned on me. He overdosed one night, and my baby cousin found him at 12 the next day.. Spent every day I could beside his hospital bed, and lost him. Swore to God if he let him walk out of that hospital I wouldn't do anything bad ever again. I drank as often as I could, let a guy control, and got in some trouble. When my family came to me, and told me that my grandpa had overdosed, I began to realize I needed to stop. I stopped the pills, but maybe one or two times every two weeks. And drinking to every other weekend. Slowing stopping. It was hard, I then made new friends, got into a new crowd. Got involved with school, and when someone wanted to try something "new" Id try my best to convince them not to, telling my story of my childhood, and loss of my grandpa. Telling them how important they are to me. Together you can get through everything. 

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February 22, 2013 | joycelyn agbosu

just tell yrself u can overcome addiction

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