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My husband the Addict

My husband does not define me but he does confine me. His drug addicted life, decisions and behaviors have ruined a part of me, the part of him I gave willingly. He didnt beg for it, he didnt plead for it, it was given willingly.I guess thats the part that sucks the most.  Who gives themselves willingly to an addict? Who gives an addict total control of their life?  I guess a fool like me. Your addiction has hurt me to the core.  I'm done thinking you could change! The addiction has you, and guess what?  There is only room for one of us and today 4/20/2013 I give you to "the addiction."  Take care and good luck.

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July 26, 2013 | debra

I am with you 100% , I left my meth addicted husband of 22 years. He has lost our home , families separated, we cannot make anyone stop the addiction. It is up to them. We must move on .

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