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My grandmas story

My grandma was always my idol as a little girl, of course I never knew what really went on. She had grown up in a nice neighborhood, with a lot of money. My great grandmother has always been obsessed with how she appears & her reputation. She had always been pressured to act a certain way, very polite, well mannered, & that it was never okay to have a little fun. In her late teen years she got caught up in heavy drugs, she became heavily addicted to cocaine, OxyContin, prescription drugs, & just about anything that could give her a slight buzz. Just to get away from the world, & constantly being watched and criticized. As I grew up, I watched her struggle, she was resiliant. I always understood. Finally she became completely sober, and she was managing to clean up her act around the age of 42 (I was 13) later that year a few days before my birthday I was woken up to my mom sobbing my name, I immediately knew something was wrong... My mom & uncle proceeded to tell me that they found my grandma lifeless in her home this morning. I didn't know what to do, how to react. The autopsy reports came back & she had died from o/d on prescription drugs. She lived majority of her life completely miserable, simply because of drugs. It pulled her into something that is so hard to get out of.

Even if this helps only one person... I'll be joyful if it made any sort of impact, be careful & wise. You only have one life, enjoy it & make the best of it.

R.I.P grandma Lisa 8/24/2010

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