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my drug story

I went thru fostercare. After leaving a very abusive "mom's" house i lived with my dad from 10 until 17. During some other abuse, at my dads i learned the power of hard work. I had a lot of cars and money, but pain from my dad that had been supressed for so many years hurt. I looked to weed to help me cope. Then exstasy, then meth. Three months til i turned 18, my dad finally threw me out. Before i turned 19 i had lost everything i owned and had ever worked for. I then woke up in a bus stop with no family, and no friends. I then decided i didn't want that. Everyday since then has been a struggle but its much better than trying to find drugs all the time. I live clean, on the beach and am happily married.

The strngth is in u. Every minute of everyday. Good luck

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