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My cousin’s story

My cousin is 16 years old.  He will be 17 in April.  When he's sober, he's funny and good and smart and athletic.  He used to play all kinds of sports and is capable of A's and B's.  When he got into high school, he found the wrong "friends".  He got kicked off the baseball team for testing positive for prescription drugs.  He was going to parties where they just pick out of a bowl of mixed pills, never knowing what he's taking.  Then, he got kicked out of school for selling drugs.  He spent a year at an alternative school and was getting better, but every time his mom started to trust him and give him a little more freedom, he would screw it up by fighting, drinking, etc.  His mom let him go out Dec 30th, and his mom got a call at 5:30 in the morning on New Year's Eve.  He had been brought in to the ER by a friend of his, blue and in violent seizures.  He was drinking and taking bath salts and ecstasy.  His friends told him it would just give him a "buzz", and instead he almost died.  When he started seizuring, instead of calling 911 for fear of getting in trouble, they got one girl to take him to the ER herself and then told her to lie about the whole night. 

The doctors were brutally honest and said they weren't sure if he was going to come out of it or if he would, how he would be because of the lack of oxygen.  By some God given miracle, my cousin is still alive, and as far as we can tell, is near 100% cognitively and with only slightly impaired motor skills. The police are investigating EVERYBODY including my cousin.  And my cousin now is going to be admitted to the psych floor of the hospital followed by at least a month, perhaps a lot more in a rehab clinic.  Worst of all to me, his friends still don't seem to get it.  They say on facebook that he "tried partying the wrong way" and he "got sick", as if he just spent a day with his head in the toilet.  They don't understand that there's no right way to "party" and that it doesn't matter what you're drinking, smoking, inhaling, sniffing, or swallowing.  All it takes is just a little more than you can tolerate or a wrong combination of substances, and any one of them could be in the exact same situation as my cousin, and even worse when put in the position to save my cousin's life, they all bailed for their own selfish reasons instead, even though it could have been any one of them.  I hope to God this is my cousin's rock bottom.  He's hurt so much of his family already and he's only 16, and yet everyone was still there together at the hospital waiting for something, anything to happen. 

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