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The reason the little baby bird has it's mouth open... Is for it's MOTHER or... Someone to feed it. It's hungry... Like all babies... like all children. And... what you are fed... plays a huge part... In what directions you take in life. Hind-site (Understanding the past)... Is a healthy thing... Of course if you live through it. My story stems from being abandoned by my mother (Who I tend to believe is the most nurturing person in a child’s life.) I lived with my mother and her husband, my step father, until I was 7 years old. It was a dysfunctional setting (which I now see is so very common.. sadly.) I was spoiled by my step dad, but don't have all that much memory regarding affection from my mom. He had a great job. I had lots of toys, a clean home, I was dressed and cared for appropriately and all that kinda stuff, but I do remember them fighting, sometimes pretty severely. I recall my dad trying to brake down the front door as I stood against it from the inside screaming. I recall a gun one time. But this is what was "My normal". We went on vacations and took airplane flights around the country and this was in the 60's and early 70's. My dad loved me. He was MY Daddy. When they fought... I remember feeling more on my daddy's side, but as a child... He may have (Or probably) made it work that way (especially knowing him now.) 

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