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Methadone clinic saved my life!

I came from a loving family who supported me at every turn of life. My brothers and I were outstanding athletes and could accomplish anything we put our minds too. Our mother and father were very loving and supportive. We were a simple middle class family from Louisville. We didnt have extravagant things but we never wanted for anything. My father always preached work hard and go to school, but me and my brothers payed no attention. I am 29 years old and my older brothers are twins and are 31. We always stayed close. We lived in a standard middle class suburb with a bunch of kids our own age. I can't honestly tell you how it started but I can tell you that when I turned twelve it seemed that everybody in our neighborhood started smoking marijuana and drinking. At first it was just harmless fun. Drink a couple beers and smoke a joint once a week. I included my brothers in this story because we all later became addicted to high powered pharmaceutical opiates. Oxycontin, Morphine, and Opana. Pretty much any pain killer we could get our hands on. Im going tell you how I really got started. My brothers stories how they started are completely different but when it came down to the end we were a trio of junkies getting high together. When I was twelve I played baseball and was absolutly great. I played on a team of all stars that was put together at age 9 and played together until we were 18. We partied hard. My best friend Steven's mom was a marijuana dealer and our coach feed us pain killers so we could play. As long as we won we got weed, beer, and pain killers handed to us. Steven's mom would give us kegs of beer and let us throw parties at her house constantly. We were rock stars. Everybody loved us. Before you knew it we were trying cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, anti depressants(mainly xanax), and low grade pain killers. When I was sixteen I slightly tore my ACL and MCL. My coach kept me doped on low grade pain killers(hydrocodone,percacet,vicodin,etc) to stop my pain so I could keep playing. By the time I was 18 my knee was so destroyed that I could barely walk. My parents took me to an orthopedic surgeon who had to do a complete reconstruction. My sport life was over. I became horribly depressed and associated myself with people who liked to get high and party every day. Before I knew it I was a full blown alcoholic and drug addict. After a year of living this lifestyle my Dad told me straight up to pull my head out of my ass get clean and get a job or get the fuck out of his house(actual words used). I got straightened out and went to work for him doing concrete construction. I worked for the company from 2004 until 2011. During this time I mainly stayed clean. I would drink, smoke a joint, and maybe did a hardcore drug from time to time. No serious using. No addictions. During my time working my brothers became full blown junkies. In 2008 I had an accident at work that changed my life for ever. I had a 1500 pound concrete slab fall on me and almost kill me. It was a freak accident. Nobodys fault. My leg was broke in six places and my ankle completly shattered. I was told by everyone that I should have died. I was told I would be out of work for two years and it would be a full year before I would walk again. During this time I was getting paid by workmans comp and given all the pain killers I needed. After three months I was back walking. After six months I was back to work. When I went back to work the never ending river of pain killers ran dry. What I mean is , in order to go back to work I could no longer be on a narcotic pain medication.  At this point I was a full blown addict. I made great money at work so I just got in touch with my brothers and started buying low grade pain killers illegaly off the street. After a year of systematic abuse the low grade pain killers weren't cutting it. That's when my brothers introduced me to oxycontin. It was love at first snort. We grinded our oxy's and snorted them. Drug addicts know what Im talking about. By stepping up to a higher grade of painkiller the price increased. Also I helped support me and my two brothers habit. The paychecks werent making it from week to week. Pretty soon I was paid on friday and broke by monday. I had to borrow money, pawn stuff, and I wiped out my settlement money from my accident. I started missing work. Pretty soon I lost my job. Thats when it got real bad. I robbed people, stole from my parents and family, and did anything I could for money. I let my brothers use my car to commit crimes so we could get high. After a while they got caught. Six years each for burglary. Thats when I met my buddy Jon. An addict the same as me. After a year of abuse my parents and his mom were done. They gave us the choice of getting clean and letting them help us, or living on the streets. I went to rehab in Kentucky. Jon went to live with his uncle in Texas. After two months he came back home. We met back up and after two days we relapsed. We kept telling each other this time would be different. Were just gonna use occasionally. After a month we were right back where we started. Our parents found back out. Mainly because we were stealing their stuff and pawning it and stealing money from their purses and wallets. We were given the old deal. Get clean or get out. Jon and I had found out about the Southern Indiana Treatment Center from an old drug addict friend. It is a methadone clinic. We both talked to our parents about it. At first they were skeptical. We were told its just trading one drug for the other. Methadone clinics get real bad raps. Their are people who go there because its a cheap alternative. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a day you only paid $14.00 dollars and given a daily dose. There are people who go there and just work the system, but their are people who go there and actually work the program how you are supposed to. At first Jon and I were just working the system. Before I get into that I will give a brief statement on how the clinic works. You have to call and make an appointment to get enrolled. You come in and fill out your paper work and get checked by nurses and doctors. Then you are given a counselor who works with you to help you get back to sobriety. You are given a drug test and start on a low dose. You can increase your dose as needed to help you get back to feeling stable. You let your counselor know what symptoms you are feeling (cravings,sweating,cramps,etc.) and you slowly increase until you get to a dosage that last 24 hours. Methadone is an opiate blocker. The methadone program is actually the perferred treatment program for opiate abuse by the United States government. While you are enrolled at the clinic you are expected to take classes and meet with your counselor. You are randomly drug tested and if you fail too many you will be thrown out of the program. The clinic offers everything needed to get back to sobriety. The counselors help in every way they can. Their are countless classes for everything needed to beat your addiction. At first Jon I were gonna work the system. We would get our daily dose and then buy other drugs off the street. We were immediately caught. We were given one chance to work it right or get ejected from the program. It opened my eyes and I started working it right. Jon got ejected. Once I got to a stable dose I immediately noticed my change. I stopped wanting to use other drugs and immediately started working hard to my sobriety. I went to the clinic daily got my dose and stopped talking to anybody who I thought would get me back using. I started donating my time to the local baseball league and started caring for my nephew while his father was in jail. My family noticed the immediate change in me and became my biggest supporters. I have been going to the methadone clinic for a year and two months. I can honestly type this and say that I will never abuse another drug again. Since I have been going to the clinic I have quit smoking, attained my GED, and became a full functioning member of society. My whole outlook on life has changed. I told my physician my story so he would not prescribe a narcotic pain medication. I told my pharmacist as well, just in case I accidentally get a habit forming medicine. He has caught two prescribtions already and notified my physician. I am at a point now were Im doing a medical supervised withdrawal. Im slowly stepping down my dose now and two months after I write this I will be off the medicine for life. I really hope this story helps anyone who reads this. The help is there. Rehab does not work for everyone and this story is to show people their are other options. My sobriety now is way better than any high I receieved from any drug. I pray that this story helps anyone who needs it. Good luck and know that I am living proof that any addiction can be overcome. Every where you look there is help out there. Best of luck. Dont do this for anyone but yourself." If you will it, it can be achieved."       V.I. Lenin

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April 06, 2014 | Eddie

It saved my life.
In 1975 I started shooting in my legs (skin popping) on weekends.
Shooting brown heroin (Mexican Mud) from the streets of Manhattan, NYC
didn’t seem so bad. That’s until my BEST friend died and I went from legs
to arms. So what saved my life was a drug called Methadone.
I think 39 years is a very very long time to be on any medication.
The doc wants me to detox from 70mg to 30mg and then switch over to
Suboxone. Has anyone tried this? I know nothing about this and the doc doesn’t also. I would like to speak with someone who was on Methadone
for a few years and then went to Suboxone.  thanks, Eddie

December 09, 2013 | Sahil

im 22 years old and ive beeen on methadone for 3 and a half years..ive setoppd myself at 85 mg..ive tried going cold turkey but couldnt last more than 3 days then i caved..the feeling is unbearable..ive stayed off the needle but still its hard..i cant keep a job because the constant appts at the busy clinic and renewing the prescription..i dont get carries for a few reasons and my girlfriend is getting tired of me being on it because its numbing my emotions and im always tired some1

April 03, 2013 | becky

Methadone saved my life, my family, my children… thank god for this miracle. I had an 8 year love affair with opioids. I even began shooting up until i ended up in the hospital for almost a week when my blood went septic. After that i only snorted. my son watched me od. Only because i had a supportive family and luck I never lost my kid or ended up in jail. Then i got pregnant. I couldn’t kill my child’s sibling so I remembered about someone who was pregnant that went to the methadone clinic. I had no idea it would work as good as it did. After almost a decade i just wanted out but didnt know how. my son was born and did need to be in the nic u for 10 days. They were great. He did not show any signs of distress. He was put on medication to help him with getting off the methadone that was transmitted through the placenta. They weaned him a little every day, and he never had crying or any signs of withdrawl. They were excellent in his care. I was there 18 hours a day. I am still on methadone. I am 24 months clean, and go the the clinic 2 days a week. I have no plans of getting off. I have had people question me and I say: I dont abuse it, I take it one time per day, why would i get off of it?? so i could relapse?. I feel like it is similar to a type 2 diabetic. I did this to myself, its a deadly disease, and without my meds i would probably die. I am now stable and doing great. people that dont know my situation would never guess. Trust me!, I babysit for people that work for Child Protection Agency! I am so happy and grateful. Thank God for this drug. Thank God for my life back.

January 08, 2013 | Angel

I am in a methadone program too. I agree with you I think it is a great thing for some people, it really works! Ive had many people tell me all kinds of bad things about methadone but they are wrong, many use excuses to not get better. first hand i have seen how methadone saves lives. i know for me it sure is saving my life. i plan to go through medically supervised withdrawal also but i havent started that yet. Good luck to you!

January 04, 2013 | Angelia

Good luck! I do hope that you can get off the methadone but my experience with that drug was terrible! I found it harder and more painful to come off of than OxyContin. I pray you have more luck than most.

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