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Lost and Found

This song is was written in a cheap hotel room after smoking crack for days - months and years. I could write a novel about the pain of addiction that would make the average person want to commit suicide. I sit here now able to tell you that because certain people in my life refused to give up on me - I lived to see another day. Now I am living everyday without drugs. I have one more song that followed up this song - I would love to share it with anyone interested. It is a bit more positive and you can hear the hope starting to root in my soul.

About the song - THIS IS WHERE ADDICTION BROUGHT ME - I actually met my soul in that hotel room that night. Listen and tell me - do you relate?

Stay strong - you can do it - it takes WORK - lots of it.

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Categories: Cocaine, Recovery


January 28, 2013 | nancy

It made me immediately start crying because I can remember those days, weeks and yes, years, of addiction.  They were so painful, so very lonely and painful. I look back now and am surprised I am not institutionalized with PTSD. Fortunately I now have GOD in my heart to help the healing but boy can I relate. Great song and thank you for the great cry. One more step closer to healing. smile

January 28, 2013 | Jane

Wow, this song gave me chills.

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