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I started drinking and smoking weed at 14.  At 17 I went to college were I started doing other drugs.  Cocaine, PCP, acid ,canibinol, speed, mushrooms, and anything else that was popular in the mid to late seventies.  After one year there I came back home and went to work.  I slowed down some, got married had two beautiful children but still kept drinking and smoking weed.  After three years of marriage my wife divorced me.  After she divorced me I lost custody of my children and my addictions took over.  In a period of 15 years I lost visitation rights to my children, lost numerous good jobs, remarried and lost a second family, lost my driving privileges,  and eventually because of my addictions I lost my freedom.  Now at 53, thanks to God, a great residential treatment program, my family, friends, and incarceration I am drug free.  I am also free from being incarcerated but at 53 it is hard for me to find employment.  I own nothing and the children I lost,  the family members I lost, the friends I lost, and the years I lost I will never ever get back.  Every day I pray for all the young ones who suffer with their addictions that they may some way be saved before it is too late for them.  I don't want them to lose all they have or all they ever will have and end up like me.             

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