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Libby Cataldi

Jeff Bratton and Libby Cataldi, author of Stay Close, speak about the shame and guilt that surrounds addiction, and how Jeff ultimately achieved sobriety.

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Categories: Family, Mother, Son, Other Drugs, Recovery


December 09, 2013 | Basit

Although the Dennis and Scott article is quite diuffcilt to refute, it is also important to remember that chronic does not necessarily mean biological. I agree with the article’s thesis arguing for the chronic nature of SUD’s, and they even have empirical data suggesting that a physiological basis underlies the clinical experience of SUD chronicity (Dennis, 46).  However, the Weegmann article offers compelling evidence that cannot be discounted either. In discussing group therapy, the Weegmann article suggests that pain relief and pain induction are both attempts to regulate psychological suffering (Weegmann, 4). Although that evidence in no way suggests that SUD’s are not chronic, it serves as a good reminder that even if the issue is physiological, it is not reducible to physiology in a deterministic way. I think that as a therapist, it is of the upmost importance to acknowledge the chronicity of addictions, but it is as important not to forget our cognitive plasticity and malleability. Acknowledging that fundamental distinction can shape, or even change the course of treatment. In doing so, treatment can cast a wider net and be more effective.

September 05, 2013 | Tina

I was very moved by this daughter is struggling with addiction.  She’s home from 30 days of rehab and all I want to do is make it better. I’m having a hard time trying to separate the love from enabling..I feel like I’m going insane ...

July 30, 2013 | Addiction Myth

This is a wonderful story and like David Sheff’s Beautiful Boy, their book shows how false encouragement of a child can unintentionally lead to addictive tendencies, while honesty and discipline lead to healing.  Children respect parents who love them enough to stop trying to befriend them, and be a parent.

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