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just another northeast junkie

Ummm i guess im just your typical suburban white kid started with weed and booze and progressed to hallucingens and finally cocaine and pharmaceuticals.  Oxycontin came out around my sophomore or junior year of highschool and by then i was rolling and tripping atleast every weekend.  i live in massachusetts and well we are an opiate nation up here but at the time i didnt know any of this.  I started sniffing percs and vicodins with a few close friends and really would do anything i could get my hands on.  Slowly i moved away from the mind expanding LSD and started to create my own self made prison with strong narcotics.  Eventually the pills got too expensive and i did what most of my friends did, i tried Heroin.  I started sniffing it but eventually ended up shooting it up and from there everything was down hill.  I contracted hepatitis C from a dirty needle and overdosed on numerous occasions.  One of the overdoses i was by myself and i went out on my hand and almost had my hand amputated.  I would love to tell you that's what woke me up but i was a slave by then and i didnt know anything else except how to get and stay high.  i went in and out of detox and eventually i got sick of touring all the detoxes in my area.  I found the 12 steps and a new way of life.  Today i am almost 3 years clean and still attend meetings regularly and have a sponsor and one sponsee who just celebrated 6 months.  I am also a father today- my son is 18 months old.  if you do the math i was about 6 months clean when he was concieved.  it is not always easy but it is soooo much better than how i was living.  I found a job doing what i knew best; i work in a detox and try to help people out of this hole of addiction.  If you are out there and you feel hopeless and helpless and you cant see a way are not alone!  i am eternally grateful to 12 step and the people involved with it for giving me a second chance on life.  there is an easier softer way out there so dont give up. i never thought i would see 30 years old, and in one month i will be turning 30. im happy and healthy and participating in life today. i dont let fear run my life and keep me stuck.  So join us and start living again! 

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