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It’s ok the Dr perscribed them to me

It all started in 2008 when i was in a car accident. Had serious back neck and hand problems there for I had to see 2 diffrent types of Dr's each perscribing me pain pills with the hand problems I ended up having 3 hand surgeries followed with strong pain pills oxy...yes I liked them lil oxy way to much to the point when I didnt need them I was still poping them. Then to the point where 1 was not enough I remember a time taking 3-5 every 4 hrs! I can remember thinking I was going to die and praying to god to not let nothing happen to me and promised I would stop. Did I make it through that night yes, Did I stop taking the pills? Not even close. It got so bad I passed out on christmas morning hit my head on bathroom sink waking up to my kids looking over me, heart breaking but did that stop me? NO! Damn me!!! then it got to point I was hiding it from my husband told him I wasn't taking the pills anymore then one day we were having a family day and I was fiedning so bad. I knew I had a script waiting for me at the pharmacy, made up excuse to stop at the local rite aid, told him I was just running in real quick to get some tampons. Well while I was standing there I turn looked over my shoulder and he was standing there looking at me. The look on his face broke me...needless to say did I stop? NO!!!I hated myself at this point but still just took more to numb the sadness. Things wer bad for about 3 more months - I was going down hill... they say you gotta hit that low before you realize something has got to change ...well I hit my low when I Stepped out of my Marriage, Distroyed my family.. My Husband still stood by me and I asked him to send me to rehab! well Guess what, did that stop me? YESSS It did. I went into in-patient for 28 days, came out the real me not foggy anymore at all. I can tell you rehab changed my life for the better. theres this thing called the first step they have you do and well that helped me in so many ways I cant even explain. I bet you're wondering about when I went home... well my babies were happy their mommy was back and better then ever.. as for the husband: when I was in he promised when I got out he would go in for his alchool abuse...did he? NO!!! I slept on the couch a year waiting for him to support my sobriety but instead he rubbed the alchool in my face and brought his drinking buddy in our home to live. Like I said I waited a year for him to save himself and his family but he chose not to so I moved out and moved on. And I am proud to say today I am still sober and I will be celebrating my 3yr bday Jan 16th 2013!!!!!

If you are struggling with any type of addiction, enough is enough. Save your life- you are worth so much more then you realize!!



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