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It’s all about me.

It all began at the tender age of 14. Misguided nontrust of others, I began taking life into my own hands. I thought I had all the answers cause MOM didnt give me any. DAD was riding me for SEX. I sort help in the escape of BEER. At 15, On my 15th., Birthday I Began Smoking POT. It was like I was invisable. How Dear MOM give my little Brother A Birthday Party On My Birthday: That was the day I decided To KIll Myself. I figured no one would Notice any way: However sitting on top of that Window Ledge. It was very tempting. If it wasn't for my MOM coming into the room at that moment/ because of my Fear of HER I immediately jumped off of the window back into my room / For Fear that SHE would beat the shit out of me. My MOM was violent!!! She expressed Herself in Anger with BELTS/WEAPONS UPON OUR SKIN.Her very OWN CHILDREN: WHAT WERE WE TO DO. SO I STARTED USING/  AFTER ALL THAT IS WHAT ALL THE KIDS WERE DOING THESE DAY. THAT WAS THE DAY MY SPIRAL BEGUN: SOON AFTER THAT I BEGAN USING ACID- SNOOPIES-MES./ THEN SNORTING COCAINE. My Sis introduced me to it AND WE BOTH BEGAN SNORTING WITH OUR MOM. I WAS ABOUT BETWEEN 17 AND 19 YEARS OF AGE. I was growing up... I HAD A BREIF INTRO TO BASE AT AGE 18. I WAS SOON A PROFESSIONAL CRACK SMOKER AT AGE 24. MY LIFE TOOK A TURN THOUGH /I LOST THE CUSTODY OF MY CHILDREN / THAT TORE ME UP / NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE ME STOP:  I CONTINUED TO USE. BE NEGLECTFUL / MY SONS HAD DIED. I BELIEVE IT WAS DUE TO MY LIFES CHOICES.( WE DO BEAT UP ON OURSELVES) I AM CLAEN NOW AND IT IS A STRUGGLE. THERE'S MORE IN BETWEEN ,SO PLEASE TUNE IN FOR MORE OF MY STORY : IT'S ALL ABOUT ME : 

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April 26, 2013 | KRISTINE 0ZMENT


April 23, 2013 | eddie

I feel your pain. I walked with devil; crack; for 13 years. Total insanity. Been clean for 11 months. Stay strong. Stay in the light.

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