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I’m here to help

Hello! My name is Tanisha and I would first like to say I commend people who have been drug free and I know it is a battle and its not easy to stay clean. I have never been on drugs but I have aunts and uncles who are drug addicts still to this day and refuse to get help because they are so dependent on the drugs they are on. I am currently in school getting my bachelors degree to become a substance abuse counselor. I hear all the time how can you help someone when you don't know what its like to be on drugs or how they are feeling and etc. Although that is true I have never been on drugs but I have seen what is has done first hand to families and how it destroys someone. My mother comes from a family of drugs and she has never been on drugs and her brothers and sisters whom happen to be my aunt and uncles always call on her and depend on her to fix things and help them out for drugs. She does what she can but she does not help them buy drugs or get them for them; if they need food, shelter she does not mind. It's sad because they are so dependent on these drugs they are taking that can't see what they are doing to themselves , some have been in and out of rehab treatment and my aunt stayed clean for awhile but if you hang out the negative people whom got you in the situation continually then you will eventually lead right back where you were from the beginning. I have a passion to help people and I thought I would tell my story and I hope this helped someone because there are people out there that  care for you and want to help you and see you do better. Just remember it only takes one person to change another persons life!!!

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January 03, 2013 | Becky

Tanisha, thanks for sharing your story.  I commend you for your desire to help people by becoming a counselor.  I got sober with the help of a therapist who was not in recovery and I’m still sober almost 25 years later.

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