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I’m desperate

I dont know if I can stand on it. I need help because I never been in  this situation. This is the first time I wrote you, but it is unbelieveable to stand by. I am living for the last 3 years with a man who is addicted to the meth and I don't know how to help him. He is so violent when he is on drugs. I start to notice something in him, like red eyes, his behaivor, he doesn't come home for days, he  threated me like I'm gonna hit you and those kinds of things. Then one day he admits to using drugs since he was 9 years, some times he tried to hard to stop, but he couldnt, that's why he told me. So, I start to look in the internet everything about drugs, but most of it, the one who he told me he was using. Im sorry if I am not write correctly, but im not that good speaking english. I will try my best. Well, recently he admits to have a big problem and he wants some help. Maybe you start thinking Why this woman just left him? Why? because he never has the oportunity to find the help he needs, everybody turns around and left him alone. I believe in God, and I was asking Him what should I need to do? just turn and left him alone and living my life? or find some help and give hm the oportunity life denied him? For months and months when I saw him in this condition I ask God to borrow me His eyes, so I can see him with love, with real love! like Christ can see him. I ask God to gave me patience, so I can take enough time to understand the pain inside of him, because he told me crying, "I can't do it" "I want not to do that again, but I always do it" and I feel bad after I was concious. So, for  that reason I can feel his pain inside of him! something that I never expect to see, but I can see now. I don't know! I am so confused and I need help for him and for me. And Im sorry if I telling you a sad story, it supposedly to be a nice and beautiful story, but I can't lie about my feelings. Im sorry. Im desperately to find the way back to those beautiful days with him.

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February 23, 2013 | AmberN

First off god bless you and your courage and patience. I’m a recovered meth addict and have been clean for almost two years…I wanted to quit using for so long but it was too difficult on my own, it took me getting arrested and put in a detox situation where I did not have a choice but to not use, after that I went into a sober living home, and here I am today. It’s not an easy road by any means and he’ll need support but a lock down treatment center may be a step in the right direction, it did for me, god bless

February 15, 2013 | Jane


Help is out there! To speak to someone about getting your loved one help, please call 1-855-378-4373

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