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If *I* did it, you can too

I am an addict. I always will be. I'm a marijuana addict, prescription pill addict and an alcoholic. You'd be surprised at the number of alcoholics that are also drug addicts, and a lot of us are addicted to pills. I never thought I'd be able to beat my addiction. I was so deep that I was the last to know I had a problem - everyone else around me did. You couldn't tell me I had a problem, as I thought I had a medical need for everything I was doing. How wrong I was. I found a 12 step program through a relative, who is also an alcoholic. At my first meeting I thought it was a cult. At my second meeting I only thought it was for Christians. At my third meeting I thought only people who believed in "God" went to meetings. But I still kept coming back. I'm so glad I did. I am 2 1/2 years sober now. Yes sometimes I still need to use painkillers, but only when I've had surgery and I've used them responsibly. You know what I got back when I quit? My LIFE. My husband and my son. My family. A relationship with my sister that I never thought I'd have. and FRIENDS!! Lots of very supportive and caring friends. I have a social life. What I don't have? Alcohol. Tobacco (yes I quit smoking when I got sober!). Marijuana. PILLS. The feelings of inadequacy. The low self-esteem. The lonliness, depression, DEATH WISH. The need to find my drugs - that vicious cycle! Now I have a purpose in life I have a relationship with my higher power. I have SOO much in my life! I don't miss going out drinking. We have a great time without drugs or alcohol. It IS possible. You CAN recover. You just have to believe in yourself.

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