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“I was sad , so I parted…”

Hello my name is Mario Molina, am 21 years old and I've been sober 2 years and 7 months. At the age of 5 I was sexually molested by a family friend. It was that dark event that placed a hate inside of my heart that grew into a monster I could only quiet down by doing drugs. I became  extremely sad and at 10 baby years old I tried marijuana. I began pushing away from everyone and the drugs became my cold companion (or so I thought). Marijuana led to Alchohol, Alchohol to pills, to cocaine, to meth and everything in between! I couldnt get enough to have my aching pain inside go away, so my drug use became a harsh habit, a habit that took over me. I was slowly dying and high school only influence my addiction to a new level.

I was a freshman when I dropped out of school and dedicated my life to hard drugs. I acquired a job in a convalescent home when I began to abuse their left over pills! It was at 17/18 that my addiction spiraled out of control. I began upping the amount of drugs as the depression wich haunted me increased, and for a minute I lost who I was. I wanted to die. One September morning I woke up and declared enough was enough. "I was sad, so I parted" from home. It  was 514 miles later that I arrived at a Christian drug/discipling center. Before I walked into the door I whispered "I am never looking back"! And I still haven't. If your are here reading this and you struggle with drugs I wanna tell you that you're not alone. Get help: you can do it...drugs are a lie and only destroy who you are...I've been two years sober, I graduated from high school while in here and I now work as a counselor here. I am not who I was and I hope that my story will encourage you to never look back! You may lose it all but you'll gain everything!.....I promise you that!

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February 13, 2013 | Trish

Praise God for your life!

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