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i once was lost now i am found

i once was lost now i am found

GOD has trully blessed me i started out using alcohol at age 15yrs old my disease pregress to cocaine i have been clean now for 13yrs only by  GODS grace the disease allowed my three children to be put in foster care for a year my oldest daughter was sent to several different homes i went to treatment stayed clean for 18 months relapsed continue to use drugs got clean for the wrong reason. went through about five different programs this last time in 2000 went to treatment for ME and i have stayed clean i have learned in order to stop using you have to WANT to no one can make you its a decesion you have to be willing my daughter is 19 now and graduated high school my son is 16 and my other daughter is 14 i am married to the best man in the world .

Wow the possibilities of life i never thought in a millions year my life would be where i wished it would i dont mind telling my story i will shout it to the roof top i am very grateful today i have so much to share i now go to NA meeting on a regular basis the program works if you work it there is hope never give up

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November 01, 2013 | Joanne

Wow…your story is a blessing!

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