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hopeless addict

hopeless addict

I'm Tommy and i'm an addict. I grew up with a good family, and took a path which took me to places I didn't want to be. I was homeless and in and out of institutions. I started using young and did things I said I would never do. As my disease progressed so did the substances actions and behaviors. I had lost all power and control over my addiction. Today is a lot different, but before I could never picture my life without the use of drugs and alcohol. I thought life would be boring. That was a lie I told myself. I have a good life now without the use of drugs and alcohol, and am truly blessed. I just wanted the pain to stop along with the consequences we encounter in active addiction. There is a better way to live, all u need is the desire to stop.

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March 26, 2013 | kimmy

hi i just wanted to let you know that you are very strong for what you went through. i went through hell and back but there is always someone out there with it worse off than me. and i know and knew that

February 14, 2013 | Mike B

i have found that if i let people know the real me the more comfortable i feel with being me.the way i lived in my addiction was not even living..i merely my own world Today ..i live in OUR world.and it is a wonderful one!!

January 24, 2013 | Ralph Pepper

I got clean&sober; on 04/17/99 I am a 63yr old male and a very active member of AA. I learn earley on that there would come a time in my sobirity,when the only thing that would come between me and a drink or a drug would be God. When I was two yrs sober I had,had a craveing that was going leade me to a drink.For whatever reason (dumb) I did not plan on going to a meeting that nite.That is untill my ass was on fire, and I did not know where to turn.That is untill I remembered what I had learned in the program about my higher power. I was standing in front of a convenance store,when all I did was look up and say.Lord please help me or I know I’m goint to get drunk! Not more than 3-5mins after that a car pulled up with an AA bumper sticker on the back. I ran over to the man and explaind just who and what I was.Then I asked him if he knew of any meetings arround at that time,and could he give me a ride. He said that he did and that he’ed be more than happy to give me a ride and he would even go to the meeting with me. As soon as the meeting was over I wan’ted to thank him and shake hand for saveing my life. Thats when he came up to me and thanked me for saveing HIS life? I told him I did not understand. He then told me that he has been sober for 25yrs and that when I had asked him for the ride he was headed for the Pakeage store to drink because his wife had passed away that week. So God put us in eachothers life to save both of us. So just remerber as long as you have a Higher Power and turn to him in the tuff times,you will remain clean&sober;.Good Luck to you.

January 23, 2013 | Mary

I too thought that life without drugs would be boring! I use to look at those working their 9 to 5 job and thought “they have got to be miserable!” But now that I’m doing the 9 to 5 job life I know that they were not miserable but content and happy because I am! You’re on the right path! When the down days come just remember how life was and how you are today! Be blessed and stay strong!

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