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homeless to happy

My name is Amanda.  I'm now thirty-seven and I've been sober now for nine years.   I was homeless and addicted to many drugs.  It started with cocaine and then crack, to heroine and finally crystal-meth.  I came from a great family so, really there was no reason for this, right?  I couldn't stop.  I did everything and anything to get that next fix.  I stopped because, I didn't want to live like that anymore.  You have to know there is a better place for you.  I'm now married with kids.  The most important thing is i'm happy.  You can be happy too.  Believe in you.

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February 17, 2013 | ashley

amanda, you touched my heart cause i am a 33 and i grew up with a wonderful family and was a happy go lucky girl with goals and dreams. At 25 i tried cocaine and oxys and by 26 i was shooting heroin daily. i was clean on and off after 12 inpatient rehabs until last year i found meth. it took me lower than i knew was possible. i never got into legal trouble but last june i had a breakdown and knew i had to change my life or dig my grave. i have been clean for 10 months…i feel like for the first time since i put that first line up my nose that i am worthy of a life full of laughter and love. Hope is a beautiful thing.

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