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This is my story with my battle with drug addications. I hope it will help someone that is going through problems with drugs or alchol. GOD is the only real and true help you can find when you are going through problem with addication.

This is a part of my story that i would like to share with you.

My mom was in a chapel at the hospital I was in praying for help from GOD. A man walked into the chapel and told my mom that he came in there every day to pray and he was wondering if he could pray. My mom thought to her self I have been here for the last three days and I haven't seen anyone come in or out of here. All she did was shook her head to let him know it was alright, she didn't speak a word to him. The man knelt down to pray got up to leave got to the door stopped turned around looked my mom right in the face and told her YOUR SON WILL START IMPROVING IN THREE DAYS. That was the word my mom was looking for. For the next three days my whole family looked for the man that sopke to my mom but never did find him. My mom didn't care because she had gotten the word from the LORD that she needed to hear.

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