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God changes lives!!

I go into a jail once a week and I see lives change, keep praying for your sons and daughters !!!

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May 16, 2013 | Nadia

I am ready to sign under the title of this story. I do not have a story of my own. But I have one that is of our friend who was addicted to drugs for 15 years. Nothing could keep him from the addiction and that brought him to prison 4 times. Three children grew with their farther away. His wife lost hope and divorced him a year before God brought him to life (Real Life). My husband and I are grateful now that we were brought to the city where he was slowly killing himself. We are just happy that God allowed us to be part of His plan in saving Artur. From 2005 as he was redeamed his life started again. He and his wife remarried, now he is serving not only his full family…. His every day of life is filled with serving those who are smelling death of addiction. He started a rehab center in the North Ossetia (Russia). There is Hope and there is Life! I learned recently that in science there is no terminology description for darkness rather than “absence of light”. Addictions grow perfectly well there where there is no light that fills a person’s life. God is that Light that kills addictions. But it hurts - it always hurts when you come out at the full sun after staying in dark most of your life. I hope it can be helpful not only to those who seek freedom from addiction but also for those who will be used by God in touching the lives of addicted. There are no odd callings from God. I learned it (!) - moving to that city for me was odd and painful. But it was worth it!

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