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Glad to have him back.

Glad to have him back.

Most people think that drug addiction mainly effect the younger generation but it doesnt. My grandad has been struggling with drugs since his late 30s . As time went by we noticed a change in weight and mental and body health . My grandad was dying slowly but surely. My older sister recently had a son, my grandad's great grand child. He told me he would hate for him too see him like we did.. One day my grandad decided to admit himself into the hospital for rehab. It was hard but with family he has gotten through it he is now gaining weight- strong enough to hold his great grandchild without feeling weak or tired.. He has been clean for months now and it makes me so happy that he tried and accomplished even at a old age.

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July 31, 2013 | Debra Rincon Lopez

I agree with this story, I finally came in for Recovery after using drugs & alcohol most of my life. I have used for 32+yrs, but Now Recovery is my Lifestyle for the rest of my life. I love TREATMENT & GOD brought me thru.

July 29, 2013 | Dawn

I’m sorry that I don’t know your name but I wanted to comment on your family’s wonderful experience with your granddad getting clean and being able to hold his great grandchild; there is hope for everybody who suffers from addiction and he is living proof that no matter the age, the drug or anything else if you truly surrender recovery can be yours. I’m also a recovering addict so I can empathize with your granddad. Please tell him to hang in there - nothing beats sobriety, from one addict to another. God bless you all.

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