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First mistakes

I never intended for this to happen. I never thought I would be the person I was. You can say "I know when to stop, I'm not addicted". Truth is, you dont always know. I am 17, I have been suspended from school almost expelled when I took a drug that made me so belligerent & pass out in the middle of class where I had to be wheelchaired away. I was lucky, I have a driving class, I could have seriously hurt me or even many other people & even if it wasn't in my class, I drive to school, it could have happened on my way home. This wasn't the first time I used drugs but, it was my last. Especially when I heard my best friend's dad died on a over dose of what I was taking. I am lucky & now I want to make sure the rest of my fellow classmates & future kids in high school don't make the choices I did about doing drugs.

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February 08, 2013 | Jane

Keep up the great work of being sober!

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