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finally living

Hello my name is Katie, I was an addict for many years. It all started with health problems that led me too take prescription pain pills that later led me too my addiction. It became way out of control and fast. Before I knew it I was buying pills off the streets, going to different doctors, and even stealing my moms. I was taking from my husband and my kids. It didn't feel wrong at the time because all I thought of was how could I get my next pill. It got to the point to where that was all I could think of. Even when I had them I was thinking about when I ran out what was I going to do, who could I con next. My life was a disaster that was only getting worse. I hated anyone that tried to stop me and loved the ones who were with me. I pawned a lot of stuff outta my house to get money, and even spent bill money my husband gave me for a bill, until he caught on to what was going on and wouldn't give me any more money. I hated him for that. Him and my mom I thought were turning against me. I wanted nothing to do with either of them unless I could get something from them. I let myself go, I just didn't care. My kids missed a lot of school because that wasn't important to me. When they did go to school they were misbehaving and failing. Then one day I got tired of the whole situation I admitted I needed help and bad and quick before I kill myself not meaning too. So I finally went to rehab. Come home and fell back into the same trap again, and then again. Finally the third time I went to a better place and I meant I was gonna change. First for myself, then my kids, then my family. I have been clean now for going on two years and I feel great. My kids have their mother, my husband has his wife, and my mother has her daughter. I am me again. I can go places and do things with my family without thinking of a pill. Instead of not spending time with them because I didn't have any. In the end it was all worth it because we now are all happy and actually are a real family again. Neither one of us no longer have to worry, and my kids are doing better in school. Drugs or alcohol either one are worth losing your family over or maybe even your life. I wish I could go back and change things but I can't. But I do know that I have better days ahead of me and my family will be here with me to share that moment. I am actually living my life now when before I was just dying. I was killing myself and my families spirit, and I know now its not worth it.  For those that are still addicts, get help. You are worth more than you think you are. Get your life back and be in control of your own life instead of letting something so small take control. You are worth it.

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May 11, 2013 | Martha

I would like to congratulate you on your recovery. you are well worth it. My son who is struggling with addiction also has children and a wife and trying to beat this. He also had a health problem that started him. Have a great mothers day.  Sincerely Martha

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