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Day 250

DAY 250

As I change my ways, I’m learning about my sins
I was surprised to find, it’s not a sin to win
Envy on the other hand, is evil at its core
Celebrating fame will make you want it more

Knowing what you need, knowing what path to take
What is right for you, will determine your own fate
Obsessing about your fellows, the happiness they have
May not be right for you, it may indeed make you sad

Understanding that your needs, are different than your dreams
So be careful what you wish for, important as it seems
Wishing for the moon, not knowing it’s made of cheese
Is it right for you, is it really what you need

If your needs are cared for, as you move along
To have a dream come true doesn’t make it wrong
For there is no shame, reaching for the moon
Just be sure my friend, the dream is right for you


Hi All..I'm 66 years of age and have been clean and sober for 250 days....For each sober day i have written a poem..This is my most recent..I have found writing and sharing my most intamatethoughts as really help me build on my program...I hope it helps you...


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