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Choice of support

I voluntarily approached my employer and union years ago to get help with recovery. I was told, "you have to go to this program." The program that was preferred by the union and the employer incorporates a system that I am averse to. I suggested an alternate to the preferred program and was told, "no." I agreed to go on to the program that I strongly disliked and did my 28 days. Upon leaving the program, I remained sober for maybe 90 days.

After the relapse I found an alternate support program called LifeRing Secular Recovery. I have been clean and sober for 18 months now and have become very active in LifeRing. More importantly, I have also become extremely active in supporting the idea of choice in recovery. If an individual is allowed to choose the support that they feel most confident in, they are more likely to succeed. If you are forced into a program without choice, the chances for success are diminished.

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April 23, 2013 | Bob O

I’ve heard it said when you’re ready to recover any program will work, really?? Not for me, I picked the one that worked best for me, Empower the Sober Self, figure what works for you and then you take credit for it, Sober By Choice And Fun Doing It the Lifering way. “Choice in Recovery” works best.

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