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Child of a Drug Addict

I was 11-years-old when I found crack pipes and box cutters in my moms bedroom. I remember hearing her have sex with different men I'd see selling drugs on the corner. I remember her selling my Nintendo and my favorite bike. Worst of all, I remember she cashed in my Savings Bond from a  7th grade essay contest I had won. My dream was to use that for college. My elementary school bestfriend told me "your mom is on drugs"!!

That summer, me and my siblings were divided amongst the family. As a teenager, I resented my mom for "choosing" drugs over her 4 children. She got clean, then relapsed, then got clean, and relapsed multiple times. She eventually got all my siblings back. We still bounced from place to place, shelter to shelter and finally back with her once she was stable.

At one point, I hated her. I resented her. I promised myself when I grew up, I'd move far away...and I did! Went to college and got my bachelors degree in nursing. Today, my mom has been clean over 5years. I am now 26-years-old. As an adult, I understand that addiction is NOT A CHOICE. I respect my mom for always finding a way out of no way. For always finding a drug program or a women and childrens shelter that held all of us. We always had donated christmas gifts from churches and the salvation army. I have grown and matured into the responsible adult that I am today because of the struggles of my past.

But now there is another issue. My 25year old sister is in rehab for substance abuse. They say addiction runs in the family. But my little sister....on drugs....hurts my heart. All I can think is 'how could she'? She has a wonderful 9-year-old son who cries for his mom at night.

Im doing the best I can to help because I want him to know that he is loved. Although I am angry and dissappointed with my sister, I am choosing to stand by her and support her in her recovery. I am encouraging her as often as I can.

My mom now sponsors recovering addicts. She tells her story. I'm praying that my sister recovers and this is the LAST rehab program she will need.


TO EVERY ADDICTED PARENT: Drugs have a huge impact on your child(ren). It will affect your relationship with them. pay attention to what you do because some day they will follow your footsteps...

TO EVERY CHILD OF AN ADDICT: Do some research. Know that drug addiction is NOT a choice. Support your parent. Who knows, one day you might be their only cheerleader for sobriety after all their family and friends have given up.

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